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Kate Miss Jewelry started in the summer of 2009 in New York City, after Kate couldn't find necklaces she wanted to wear and decided to make her own. Kate focuses on jewelry that is handmade, unique, and easily transitions between day and night - basic and statement. These days, the jewelry is handmade in her Los Angeles, California studio and the bronze is cast by a local family owned company. A new collection is released periodically in addition to the permanent collection of simple bronze necklaces.

About Kate:
Kate Miss is a graphic designer and jewelry designer who grew up in the Seattle area. After graduating from college in Graphic Design and Illustration, she moved to NYC to work as a graphic designer for Dwell Studio, before moving on to design for CAA. After about six years, she moved to Los Angeles in late 2010, where she now lives with her husband, her cranky but lovable cat Wendy, and her crazy, beautiful Australian Cattle dog June. She is a plant hoarder, chronic furniture re-arranger, and karaoke addict. In addition to her jewelry business, Kate is a graphic designer specializing in branding and web design.


If you have a question or are interested in carrying the jewelry in your store, please contact Kate at katemiss@gmail.com

When there is an upcoming shop update an announcement is sent to the mailing list subscribers. Also, stay tuned to Kate's blog for earlier heads up.

You can also view Kate's design portfolio here and her print shop here.

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